How to Get the Perfect Messy Bun w/Natural Hair

Hello my loves!  Today’s post is going to be about how to achieve one of my favorite hairstyles.  That would be the messy bun!  I not only love how easy this hairstyle is, but also how it can be worn with any style outfit!  It has only a few steps and takes under 10 minutes!  I hope you enjoy:)

The Tutorial

I Step One I Gather hair at the height you want your bun to sit at.  This tutorial will be specific to a higher bun, but you can easily change the position of your bun to suit your hair needs.

I Step Two I Wrap your hair around your hand to create a bun shape.  You can also twist or braid the hair to create a different texture.

I Step Three I Secure your hair with a pony tail or scrunchie.  As you will see in the pictures, I prefer to use a black or brown scrunchie because I feel like it is less damaging to my hair and allows for a looser bun overall.

I Step Four I Fluff and pull pieces out of your bun to try and make the bun look more full.  You can also use bobbin pins to pin back loose pieces that are sticking awkwardly out of the bun.  My favorite type of bobbin pins to use are dark brown in color and are rounded to form your head.  However, I did not have any at this time, so the ones with a wavy side will work just as well!

I Step Five I Use one or two more bobbin pins to pin the hair strands on the underside of your bun.  This will prevent the bun from falling out throughout the day.

I Step Six I Use hairspray or a texture spray to seal the look and keep your hair in place for hours!  My favorite hairspray to use is the Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray.


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