Get the Look With Me: Senior Ball Edition

Hey guys!  I hope you enjoy this post about achieving the look I wore to Senior Ball back in January!  I am so excited to share with you my dress, shoes, and overall hair and makeup look!  Read on if you’re just as pumped as I am :))

I The Dress I

I got my dress from this website I recently discovered called Tobi.  The dress was $30 and my favorite dress I have worn to a formal yet!  The material is amazing quality and the length of the slit and dress itself was perfect for me.  I ordered this dress in a small.


I The Shoes I

The shoes I wore were ordered from Lulus.  I purchased a size nine and they fit amazingly!  They were completely covered in thick pieces of sliver glitter and sparkled in the light so beautifully.


I The Hair I

For my hair style, I had my best friend style it for me!  The look we were striving for was a curled messy bun with 2 braids leading into it and I was so happy with the result!  To begin, she sprayed each strand of hair with hairspray and then used a tapered wand to curl my hair.  Once my entire head was curled, she took two small sections and braided them each.  Lastly, she placed all my hair where I wanted the bun located and she started to use bobbin pins to secure the bun.  I also love the “messy” look so I pulled out some pieces that framed my face and curled them.


I The Makeup I

For the makeup look, I knew that I wanted a bronzed complexion and a sparkly neutral eyeshadow.  I started off with foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and a highlighter as my base.  For product names, take a look at My Everyday Makeup Routine blog post!  Then I used two eyeshadow palettes with browns and neutral colors in them.  I placed a light cream as a base, a darker brown in my crease and outer “V” and applied a silver sparkle all over my lid with my finger to make sure it was very pigmented.  Next I brushed out and filled in my eyebrows and applied a gel to make sure they stayed put all night!  To finish off the look, I put on mascara, setting spray and a light peach lipstick from NYX.

DSC00448 (1).JPG





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