5 DIY’s: Tumblr Room Decor

Hey guys!  Today’s blog post is on 5 Tumblr inspired DIY’s you need to make for your bedroom ASAP!  They are all adorable and completely useful!  I made all of them in under 5-10 minutes, however each of the pieces took a different amount of time.  I hope you enjoy and let me know if you attempt any of these :))


First I took a $1 silver picture frame from the Dollar Store and took out the glass, paper, and cardboard backing.  Next, I painted the silver frame white using craft paint and a foam paintbrush.  While that was drying, I took a white piece of printer paper and traced the glass so I knew the correct size to cut it down to.  For the strip of colored paper, I took a piece of scrapbook paper I had at home and cut it down so that it only covered a corner of my white paper.  I then gave my frame another coat of white paint before preceding.  Once all of the glue and paint was dry, I put my picture frame back together.  Then I took 3 wood pegs to be the holders.  I hot glued them to the glass of my picture frame and then you’re done!



I had bought 2 more $1 picture frames from the Dollar Store and painted them white using two coats.  Then I went online and printed off two different pictures of a cactus.  I put the frames back together and hung them on the wall using two nails.  This was a very easy DIY, but definitely one of my favorites!



For this DIY, I took a white pillow I found laying around in my storage room and decided to jazz it up using some small white pom poms I already had from any local craft store.  To begin, I ironed my pillow while I let the hot glue gun heat up.  Then I spaced out the pom poms so that there were four in the corners and four on each of the sides.  To finish, all I had to do was glue each pom pom into their place.  This looks simple and so beautiful on my bed!



I began with a cardboard box that I cut a circle out of.  Then I took a piece of light purple almost pink card stock paper and traced a circle slightly larger than that of the cardboard.  Then I started to fold the sides of the paper over the cardboard and secured using both craft glue and clear scotch tape.  I also new that I wanted this notes board to hang, so I cut and taped a piece of cream ribbon onto the back of the board.  Lastly, I printed out a “Choose Happy” quote and a notes section so that I could switch out my reminders for each week.  I also took two mini close pins and secured them using my craft glue.




Some of you may have seen this finished product previously on my Room Tour 2018 post,  but I wanted to feature it in this post as well!  I received the gray basket as a gift for Christmas and had the fabric left over from another DIY.  I simply laid the fabric over the back of the basket and also made sure it covered the entire bottom.





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