My Self-Tanning Routine!

Welcome back my loves :))  This post was also decided based off of an Instagram poll and if you’d like to be apart of all the fun, follow my account @hannahzoesch_.  I love to get interactive on there and have you all decide what blog content you want to see!  Anyway, today’s blog post is my self tanning routine!  I recently started tanning myself and I immediately fell in love!  It is so convenient to do it in the comfort of your own home and it always fits in your schedule after a shower!  Not only is being tan super fun, but I feel more beautiful and confident in myself!  I hope this post gives you the necessary information to get started yourself!

{ STEP 1: Shower, Shave, and Exfoliate }

You are going to want to shower normally, but at the end be sure to shave your legs, armpits, etc.  You may also want to exfoliate your entire body either with a washcloth or an exfoliating mitt to make sure all dead skin cells are off and won’t get in the way of the tan.


{ STEP 2: Pat Dry and Wait 30-60 minutes Before Application }

After you have gotten out of the shower, you will want to take a towel and PAT dry your entire body.  I found it easiest to do this at night because I use my 30-60 minutes to do my skin care routine.  It is extremely important to wait a decent amount of time because if you don’t, your pores will not have fully closed.  This can cause the tan to absorb into your pores and create what looks black dots all over your skin.  Lastly, apply lotion to your crease areas, or the areas prone to soaking up the tan more intensely.  (ie. ankles, elbows, hands, feet, knees, etc.)


{ STEP 3: Use Applicator Mitt to Apply Product }

Next, probably the most fun part, use your applicator to apply the tan all over your body.  I start by placing the tanning product in the middle of my mitt and then folding the mitt in half.  By doing this, I am allowing the product to be evenly dispersed and apply more smoothly.


{ STEP 4: Let Dry for 10+ minutes }

This step is fairly self explanatory.  All you have to do is wait at least 10 minutes for your tan to dry.  A good tip I learned is to feel the part of your body that you tanned last to see if it has dried.  


{ STEP 5: Shower Rinse 6-8 hours After Application }

The morning after I have slept in the tan and allowed for its development, I hop in the shower for 5 seconds to rinse off my body and get rid of any excess tan.  This will also reduce any feelings of being sticky from the night before.  


{ STEP 6: Exfoliate Old Tan Off Once Fading Occurs }

After a week or so it is time to remove and exfoliate any old tan.  I usually get in the shower and use my washcloth or exfoliating mitt to scrape off any old blotchy tan.  


{ STEP 7: Reapply Daily/Weekly As Needed }

All you have to do for this step is touch up and reapply your tan as you feel need be.  This can be done daily or weekly as well.  



A  D V E R T I S E M E N T



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