My Everyday Makeup Routine 2018 :)


Hello my lovelies and welcome back!  I hope you all enjoyed my last post… it was a highly requested one on Instagram the other day!  However, this post is one of my favorites :))  It is my everyday makeup routine and the products I use to achieve the look!  These are the products I am currently using in the winter season and be aware that shades change when summer comes back around.  So, with out any more to say, I hope you read on and use the comments section to tell me if we use any of the same products as well as any recommendations you may have!  I love to hear from you all and if you have any post suggestions and ideas feel free to message me on the new Facebook Page!  (Hannah Zoesch). 


This facial spray is simply beautiful.  It is light and airy and makes your face feel dewy and refreshed once applied.  Not to mention it smells like roses!  I use this product to prime and prepare my face for makeup as well as set it at the end.


This is one of my all time favorite drugstore primer!  It is only $6!  Let alone the affordability, it is a great product!   When I apply it to my face, it seems rather refreshed and healthier.  If you don’t want to spend a million dollars on a primer, this is my recommendation!


Out of the foundations I have tried so far, this one is best suited for my skin type!  If you have dry or even normal skin, this foundation is a must have!  I struggle with some dry skin areas on my face especially during winter and this foundation is good for those times!   It has a pretty good range of shades, so you’ll most likely find yours!


Looking for a full coverage concealer and also a dupe for the NARS concealer?   I’ve got just the one!  This was all over YouTube and really is as great as they say!   I use this product under my eyes, on any blemishes, and on the creases around my nose because they tend to show some redness in the mornings.  The product blends out very nicely and doesn’t dry or crease quickly, which makes it extremely easy to work with.


Here is my favorite light shade concealer!  I use this to prime my eyelids for eyeshadow and highlight the bridge of my nose.  It blends out smoothly as well and adds a little more coverage to my overall base.


This face powder is the best for its amazingly low price! I have tried the 03 Natural shade as well as the translucent powder.  It layers over your foundation so well and matifies your base so you don’t look oily and shiny when you go to apply the rest of your products.  I have been using this product for at least a year now and until I find something better, I won’t be straying too far from this one!


Over the top of my powder, I love to go in with this powder bronzer to darken and create a tan hue on my cheek bones, sides of my nose, and up around my temples.  This specific product glides on easily with a brush and doesn’t streak or move your foundation around when you put it on.  Also, it does not have a shimmer which I personally really love.


I used to not be a fan of blush because I thought it didn’t look good against my skin tone, however ever since I received this blush I haven’t put it down!  I absolutely adore the color and how it is a darker shade of pink rather than a bright an obnoxious one.


I always love to resort back to this drugstore highlighter for some reason!  The highlighter itself is so pigmented and also kind of buttery which allows it to be put on without any application problems.  A tip for an even prominent color is to take your rose-water spray and dampen your brush before applying the powder.


A must have for sure!  I love how this pencil is the perfect color for my brows and fills them in the perfect amount!  They never look to dark or uneven because the product is so easy to build up to desired color!  If you’re looking for a new eyebrow pencil I would suggest giving this one a try!


Another drugstore product… of course!  This gel has an amazing consistency that never feels too sticky or like I’m wearing glue on my eyebrows!  It is such a lightweight formula as well that does wonders to my brows everyday.  My brow hairs barely move out-of-place throughout the day and I never have to worry about fixing them because I know they are stuck for a couple more hours!


This palette has a beautiful array of neutrals and some glitter/shimmer shadows as well.  It is very simple to blend and it also works well when combined with other palettes from different brands.  I love the pigmentation and look of the colors once they are on the skin as well.


The other eyeshadow palette I adore using is this one.  It is very similar to the previous one, I just prefer to use the glitter/shimmer colors in this palette because they are thicker and apply brighter.  The formula is buttery and super smooth.  This was also one of the palettes I got for Christmas :))


The absolute best mascara!  Okay, maybe not the best, but it sure is a favorite of mine.  It is amazing quality for its affordable price!  Not only is it volumizing, which is its main purpose, but it also blackens and adds length to my eyelashes.  This is a long wear mascara that lasts me throughout the entire day with no touch ups necessary.


I recently started using this lip gloss actually.  It is from Bath and Body Works and is overall a great product!  It smells delicious, it very much so a gloss, and has super cute packaging of course!





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