DIY Healthy Lunch Ideas for School and Work!

Hello and welcome to another post!  I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far and are eager for more!  I took a break over the holiday season, but I am back and ready to continue to upload quality posts for you all!  Also, I am always looking for suggestions on blog post ideas!  You can either Direct Message me on Instagram at hannahzoesch_ , email me at, or comment your ideas down below!  I’d love to hear them and give my followers the content they love to read!

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Down below are 5 of my favorite recipes for a healthy lunch!  They are creative and you won’t get sick of the same meal over and over again!  Some of these are Pinterest inspired and some I’ve been doing for years and wanted to share them with you all! 

1. Peanut Butter Honey and Banana Sandwich- All you need are peanut butter, honey, one banana, and your choice of bread!  I usually eat my sandwiches on whole wheat bread to make them as healthy as I can!  The best part is that this lunch is as simple as it sounds!  Apply your peanut butter and honey to your bread, cut up a banana and fill one slice of bread with banana slices.  Then pack the other half of the banana to eat on the side!

2.  Peanut Butter and Jelly on a Tortilla- This one relates to the first idea, but it is completely different!  First, you want to take a tortilla of your choice, we usually have flour so that is what I use, and apply peanut butter to one half and jelly to the other.  Then you fold it in half, cut into triangles and its ready for lunch time!  If you like yours crunchy, you can put your tortilla on a pan and brown it a little before making your sandwich!

3. Turkey Ranch Wrap- A wrap is the perfect healthy lunch idea!  You can incorporate many nutrients into one easy to eat idea!  I start off again with any type of tortilla, cut a slice of turkey into little squares, cut cherry tomatoes in half, wash a cup of lettuce and grab a bag of shredded cheddar cheese.  I place a dollop of ranch in the center of the tortilla and use a butter knife to spread it among the whole tortilla.  Then I take my turkey, tomato, lettuce, and cheese and add it to the center of my tortilla.  Lastly, wrap it like a burrito and enjoy!

4. Fruit Assortment- Everyday I usually take an assortment of three to four different fruits.  I love to take a Fuji apple cut up into little squares, a banana cut up, strawberries cut into fourths, and either blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries!  This is not only colorful and pleasing to look at, it is totally healthy and can fill you up!

5. Cheese and Crackers- This idea is more of a lighter lunch meal, but it totally works in a lunch!  I usually take whole wheat Ritz crackers along with a string cheese cut up to make the perfect little lunch snack!



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