What I Got for Christmas Haul: 2017!!

Welcome back guys!  As many of you probably have clicked on this post because of the title and know what it is about, I just wanted to disclaim that this is not meant to be bragging or “showing off” by all means.  I just thought some of you would enjoy this and are genuinely interested to read about what I asked for this Christmas.  We also are getting closer to our goal of 100 subscribers!  I just wanted to remind everyone that once we reach our goal, I will be hosting a giveaway with three winners!  In today’s post, I will be picking out a few of my favorite gifts to describe and explain 🙂

Screenshot 2017-12-25 at 9.47.29 PM

To start off I am going to share the clothing pieces I got and where they are from.


Hollister- I got a pair of light wash jeans with minimal distressing as well as a pair of dark denim jeans without any distress.


screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngRue 21- I received two sweaters from here since at the time the store was having a buy one, get one free deal!  One is this stunning all black sweater, whereas the other is a light gray with white and black accents weaved throughout.

screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngAeropostale- From Aero I got 3 different sets of socks, two cropped crew neck sweatshirts and a ribbed white long sleeve.  The sweatshirts were in a light gray and light purple color!

screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngTarget- I got this super soft and amazing plush white robe from here!  It is perfect for the winter time and I’m in love with the color of course!


screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngVictoria Secret- I received a black long sleeve night gown that is so comfy and cute because the back has a cut out near the top!  Also, along the front it says TEASE in rose gold lettering.

Next I am going to share some of the beauty related pieces I got!

screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngBath and Body Works- I got the four piece A Thousand Wishes set and the scent is absolutely to die for!!  I also got the Sweet Peach body wash, Snowy body lotion, 6 cute holiday themed handsanitizers, and a Champagne Toast candle!

screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngTarget- I was soo happy to finally get a makeup mirror for my vanity that I could use to get closer to my face!  The one I got as a gift was the Reflections LED Lighted Collection mirror!  It has a LED lighted rim and is the perfect vanity mirror!  I also got the Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask hair trio.  This will be perfect for my hair since it can get dry easily if I use to much heat.

screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngRue 21- I got the Pink Ice perfume from here and it smells so good!


screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngAriana Grande Fragrance-  I’m not sure where this is from, but I must say the packaging and scent is one of my all time favorites!!


screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngUlta- I finally actually asked for and got the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye shadow Palette!  I couldn’t be more in love with it as well!  It actually smells like peaches and the colors are so pigmented!  I also got the Urban Decay Highlighter and of course it is as amazing as they say!


I also got a couple jewelry pieces that I am so excited to share with you all!  You can also find a couple of these pieces in my latest post My Go To Daily Jewelry Pieces!

screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngClaire’s- From this store I got 3 sets of earrings!  One is small gold hoops, a white swirled design with a diamond, and the last is a slightly bigger gold hoop that is lined with tiny silver diamonds.

screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngKohls- I got a new watch that I couldn’t be more pleased with!   It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is a neutral color palette which means I can wear it with almost any outfit!  From this store I also got a new ring I can wear everyday!  It is a gorgeous rose gold color with silver diamonds.

Pscreenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngandora- This year my boyfriend decided to start me a Pandora bracelet and I love it!  I’ve wanted one for a while and it was so so kind of him to get the beginning pieces for me!  I got a heart charm with my birthstone in the middle and a bear with a red Christmas hat on… so special!

To finish off this post, I have a few miscellaneous items I’d like to mention!

screenshot-2017-12-29-at-2-15-55-pm.pngTarget- To start I got this adorable pink/ peach colored water bottle which was perfect because my favorite one recently broke, a package of sticky notes, mechanical pencils, neon colored pens, a pink note book that says It’s A Beautiful Day, and a coffee mug that says Hey Sugar!


A  D V E R T I S E M E N T



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