Super Cute School Supplies + Tips to Keep You Organized!

Hello my lovelies!  Welcome back to another post!  This is another lifestyle related post and in it I am going to share my favorite tips on how to stay organized during this crazy time of the year, especially with Christmas Break approaching and testing 24/7!  I hope you enjoy and don’t forget about our giveaway soon!


+++Decorated Take Home Folder:  I highly would recommend purchasing a cute designed folder specifically for homework you need to take home and do that night!  I bought mine at Walmart and it works perfectly.  A tip I have is to actually buy 2 because then you can switch them out at semester!  That way it is a clean new folder and a fresh start!  You can also label the inside with “to do” and “finished” if you’d like.

+++Accordion Folder:  I have a light pink accordion folder that I use instead of 100 separate folders for each of my classes.  I purposely made all my supplies match and thought they look totally adorable all stacked up!  Inside of my accordion folder, I use the stick on labels it comes with to write in my schedule.  I used a black sharpie to do this and basically went down my schedule and placed my labels in that order.

+++3 Subject Notebooks:  Notebooks for me are the same concept as my folder system.  Rather than having too many notebooks and never really using them up fully, I decided to only get three 3 subject notebooks.  I purchased a black, white, and teal one.  For the black and white notebooks, I split up my morning and afternoon classes so that there was two subjects per notebook.  However, I use the entire teal notebook for my advanced math class because we use it nonstop!  By doing this, I am saving trips to my locker, room in my locker itself, and it also limits the amount of things I need to bring home every night.

+++Mini Planner:  Again, I purchased all my supplies at Walmart around the ‘Back to School’ time.  Alongside, the previous items mentioned, I got a smaller notebook to use as a planner.  I personally love planners when the inside is filled with only lines, like notebook paper, because then I actually have room to write and can customize each day however I want!  Inside of my planner I will write the date at the top, along the left side I will write the class period number, and then fill in all of my assignments as I go throughout my day.  A tip that always helps me keep my priorities straight is to make to do lists for each day, so when I get home I don’t lose sight of what needs to get done!

+++Black Pencil Case:  This item was actually one of my ipsy glam bags, but it works perfect as a little essentials bag for at school!  I fill it with colored pens, colored sharpies, 2 highlighters, mechanical pencils, a pencil sharpener and of course my mint gum!


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