Pleasant Prairie Mall Haul Under $200!

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Hello everyone!  Today’s post is going to be about the clothing as well as the non clothing items I purchased at the Pleasant Prairie Mall a couple of weekends ago!  I have displayed only a few items I got in the image shown above.   If you’d like to see where you can purchase them as well then continue reading below!

B A T H  A N D  B O D Y  W O R K S

One of the stores I was dying to stop at was Bath and Body Works of course!  I purchased a new fall perfume which I absolutely am in love with, a body wash that refreshes my skin and leaves it smelling like “Champagne” all night long, two body lotions that relieve all dryness from your hands as well as the rest of your body.  I prefer to apply this to my legs after shaving!  Lastly, I just had to pick up hand sanitizer!  I got to pick out 5 for only $6, and the designs were all so cute and got me in the Christmas spirit for sure.

T H E  C O S M E T I C S  C O M P A N Y  S T O R E

I only purchased one item here which was this MAC Tinted Foundation.  The store had many shades to choose from and after trying the product for the first time, I would recommend it to anyone!  The foundation has an amazing formula and is perfect for that “no makeup” makeup look.

T H E  N O R T H  F A C E

I saw this sweatshirt right when I walked in the door and instantly knew I had to buy it.  It is a cream base with mixed in gray and white.  The inside lining is so soft and is very warm on those cold winter days!  This pullover sweatshirt can be worn many ways and is worth the splurge!

O L D  N A V Y

From Old Navy I purchased three items, one of which is pictured above.  The first top is a gray sweater that is thin yet still soft and thick enough to keep you warm without looking overly heavy.  Next I purchased another gray long sleeve that is extremely soft and is the perfect layering shirt!  Lastly, I grabbed a navy blue flannel with white accents.  This flannel matches with almost anything and is a must have a piece in your closet!





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