My Routine to Clear Skin!

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Hi guys!  Today’s post is all about my skin care routine and how I maintain clear and healthy looking skin.  I do this regimen religiously and have yet to skip a day!  For tips and tricks as well as exact products with where to purchase them linked, continue reading.  Also, have a fabulous day my lovelies.

After completing a day’s worth of tasks, I am ready to remove my makeup and get in a cute and comfy outfit!  So, here you are, a list with descriptions for my most loved skin care products.

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Always best to start off by removing all of your eye makeup to create ease while washing your face later on.  A couple of years ago, this product was recommended to me, and I instantly added it to my routine.  It is the Neutrogena Oil-free Makeup Remover.  I use this product only on my eyes to remove mascara, eyeshadow, as well as brow product.  You definitely need to add this to your routine!

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Next I use two face washes in the shower to clean my face and prep it for the rest of the products.  I always use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanserto remove the rest of my face makeup and follow that up with the Clearasil Ultra 5in1 Exfoliating Wash to exfoliate and extract any excess dirt and grim from my pores.

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Once I’ve pat dried my face, I use the Clean & Clear Oil-Free Deep Cleaning Astringent to clean deep down and also remove impurities along with the Neutrogena Alcohol And Oil-Free Toner to balance the pH in my skin and reduce the appearance of redness.

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After my face is thoroughly cleaned, I recently started to apply Vaseline to my brow hairs as well as my eyelashes to promote growth and improve the overall quality of them.  This hack has been working wonders for me!  I then take my Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment and apply it all over my face to prevent any acne from forming.  Then to enforce that concept, I use the Maximum Strength Acne Medication to spot treat my “T-Zone” and other areas that are prone to getting acne.

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Lastly, I use two more products to reduce dry skin and help my skin retain moisture.  First is the CONTEXT SKIN All Day Eye Cream for dark under eye circles and tired looking skin.  And finally I use the Cetaphil Daily Lotion on the outer corners of my nose so that the skin stays smooth and my makeup application is not flaky during the colder weather.


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